Join us for a hands-on cooking class! Our classes are taught in the evenings and cover topics ranging from Easy Meal Planning toVegetarian for Beginners to Canning Basics.  Advanced classes are offered as well, and a portion of the class fees will go toward sponsoring Basic Skills students who may not be able to afford to take the class otherwise.

Learn cooking skills and techniques, try out new recipes and create connections with each other, community members and neighbors.

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Bi-weekly workshops and groups are ongoing learning opportunities that focus on the needs of specific populations (elderly, diabetic, working moms, men’s cooking group, Spanish speakers and Burmese/Karen refugees) and allow for fellowship, support and growth within a group.

This includes speakers from the community, hands-on learning opportunities and shared meals. Our monthly community dinners offer the opportunity for people to connect with each other over good food in a low-key environment.

Our roundtable discussions allow entrepreneurs a chance to share experiences and challenges of launching and growing food businesses.

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Kathy Ellis Gunn

Kathy Ellis Gunn is the owner and founder of Midway Community Kitchen. She is a Durham,  North Carolina native and business owner with an extensive food background. She’s enthusiastic about sharing her knowledge of food and cooking with community members in order that they may become more self-reliant, well nourished and able to reduce their reliance upon unhealthy prepackaged and fast foods.

Kathy is a successful and respected business owner who wants to help other business owners reduce their financial risk while learning and growing in a supportive environment and create opportunities for new businesses within the community. She is driven by the belief that everyone deserves the opportunity to learn basic cooking skills that are essential for their health and wellbeing.  Perhaps most important of all to her, she is committed to engaging with and serving her community.


Jenna Mallett
Event Coordinator

Jenna Mallett is our Event Designer and Class Planner. She is a self taught fermentor, gardener, and horticultural & food enthusiast. Jenna’s varied educational background includes nutritional healing and herbalism along with Illustration and small scale farming. She has an extensive background in event planing and design and grew up very involved in her small farming community in rural Northeast Ohio. She is passionate about creating a sense of community surrounding food and education through her work.