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Triangle Gluten-Free: Casseroles and One Dish Meals




Are you ready for fall? 

With temps cooling down and schedules heating up, this class will help enrich your convenience cooking! Let's face it. Everyone loves a good casserole or one-dish meal! It's so easy to mix the ingredients, pop in the oven, and serve! 

One can even prep most ingredients for fillings ahead of time, and the casseroles reheat so well! We'll have a variety of fillings, gluten-free crust ideas and pie crust as well as recipes and tips to take home! 

A few of the types we can make are - deep-dish pizza pies, taco or enchilada pies, and ground meat Shepherd's pie with mashed potato and gluten-free breadcrumb!

This class is veggie-friendly as well, and easy to alter for alternative diets or sensitivities.


Anyone with questions or multiple sensitivities, please email me directly at writeztuff97(at)gmail dot com before sign up!


We look forward to making some yummy casseroles together! 

*Dinner and complimentary wine included


Hadassah is the owner of Triangle Gluten-Free a new gluten-free only food business, professional food slinger, and freelance food writer. She has degrees in both culinary and hospitality management and years of experience in both the banking and culinary industries. You may have seen her work on WRAL’s Out and About food and entertainment website. She works in banquet and events professionally, and also consults in her free time on a case-by-case basis. She organizes a monthly gluten-free meetup group, Gluten-Free in the Triangle or GFIT.

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