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Food Photography with Stacey Sprenz

Stacey Sprenz Photography

Stacey Sprenz Photography

Learn about food photography from a local photographer

Stacey Sprenz is here to share helpful tips and expertise. She will walk us through what makes a great photograph when it comes to working with food. Whether you are a small food business or an individual who wants to refine their skills, this will be a great class. 

We will have Chef Kathy Gunn preparing a few dishes during the class that we will photograph. Keeping the recipes fairly simple, students will learn about preparing plates for success. Stacey will cover various plating techniques and show students how to stylize their photos. This class is interactive, we will eat as we go! Seating is very limited. Please sign up by November 6th.

What kind of camera should you bring? Anything! Smartphones, digital cameras, etc. You can bring whatever medium you plan to work with.

Photography is about capturing life as it happens--a moment, a person, a feeling, a place.  A photo can be the thing we hold most dear or an avenue of connection to others.  Stacey strives to build community through her photography.  Her specialties include culinary photography, product photos, events, and architecture.  She works with local businesses, restaurants, and artisans as they seek to engage their audiences with high-quality digital photography.  With a background in teaching, Stacey has found a way to share her passion with others through food photography classes for groups and individuals.