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Preserving the Harvest

Taught by Rose Shepherd of Blessed Earth Farm

In our current food economy, we have become more and more dependent on “big business” as our primary food source. Many folks are in opposition to this trend and are interested in preserving the vegetables and fruits from their own home gardens or from other local sources. This class, “Preserving the Harvest”, will teach you how to safely and efficiently make products from foods that you choose, from people that you know.

This is not a “canning” class in the sense that we will not be using a pressure cooker. This class is about preserving food using a less time consuming method to produce a healthier end product; a process known as steam canning. This process can be used for all pickles, relish, salsa, chutney, jam, jelly and fruit butters. The emphasis will be on safe food handling, the importance of pH, technique from prep to processing, labeling and storage. All participants will receive step-by- step instructions on how to preserve with steam, recipes for the products we make and samples to take home. This will be a fun and educational class, looking forward to learning this simple method of preserving the harvest!

*Sign up by July 11th to reserve your spot!