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Gluten-Free World on a Table: Asian Takeout at Home


Learn how to make fun takeout dishes at home with less worry! Come explore gluten-free restaurant quality takeout you can make yourself.

First we’ll cool down with a spring roll party bar! 

We’ll walk through how to make your own rice paper spring rolls with ingredients you select:

Julienne cabbage or lettuce, shredded carrot, cucumbers, herbs of choice, and other vegetables, etc.  We’ll have dipping sauce to make and try.

Next, we’ll fire up the wok* and practice your very own gluten-free chicken stir fry with steamed rice and veggies! There will be plenty for veggie options as well!

Dinner and drinks provided. Come solo and make new friends in the Gluten Free community or bring a group of friends for a fun outing!

Email 10 days before class if you have questions or additional dietary restrictions besides gluten-free.

*Due to gluten-free needs, I do not recommend rental or used woks for this class. Woks have to season with use, and regular soy-sauce residues can remain from other’s cooking. Feel free to bring your own, or purchase an inexpensive carbon steel wok from a local restaurant supply store to use often for quick, healthy, and delicious meals. They only run $20-40 USD and are so much fun! If this is not an option, we will have a dedicated gluten-free wok for practice on site!


Hadassah is a food business consultant, professional food slinger, and freelance food writer. She has degrees in both culinary and hospitality management. You may have seen her work on WRAL’s Out and About food and entertainment website. She works in banquet and events professionally, and also consults with small businesses in her free time on a case-by-case basis. She specializes in alternative recipe and menu development, kitchen operations consulting, and financials organization. She organizes a monthly gluten-free meetup group, Gluten-Free in the Triangle or GFIT, with 300+ members.