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Simple Supper Series

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You asked for it and it's finally here!  Midway Kitchen is offering an ongoing series of classes aimed specifically at busy people who want to have a home cooked, healthy meal but either a) don't have a lot of time to cook b) don't know how to cook that well or c) all of thee above! 

In this first session, we'll focus on:

  • stocking the pantry and fridge with basic items
  • timing your cooking so everything is done at the same time (or pretty darn close)
  • how to make a great vinaigrette dressing (maybe you'll walk away from the bottled kind?)
  • quick ways to make delicious roasted vegetables
  • how to saute like a boss.

Lots of tips along the way in this hands-on class - all while enjoying some really good wine.  We'll sit down to enjoy the fruits of our labor and you'll walk away with exact steps to replicate this meal - and how to tweak it to create a different yummy version depending upon what you have on hand. 

Don't miss out on this fun evening.  You're guaranteed to learn a lot and make some new friends.  Who knows?  Maybe it'll turn into something you'll want to do again and again!  

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