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Cook Once, Eat all Week: with Health Coach Marcey Clark

Meal Prep For The Week

Learn how to cook once for the entire week. This is the best way to ensure that you are eating healthy, wholesome food all week and not breaking the bank by purchasing prepared food. Save time, save money, save the packaging by spending a little time in the kitchen preparing your weekly meals. Health Coach, Marcey Clark will walk us through each step and offer tips on how she prepares her meals for herself and her family each week. 

*This class will be mostly demonstration with some hands on prep interaction. Lunch is included!

Marcey Clark Bio

A native of New England, Marcey spent much or her early life learning to cook from her Mother. She started at an early age making up her own recipes for things she wanted to reproduce from her favorite restaurants. Her family was supportive for the most part, but there were a few that were inedible and mysteriously disappeared from the kitchen. After attending the University of New Hampshire , it was apparent to everyone Marcey was more interested in throwing dinner parties for her friends and taking classes in anything culinary then actually taking the required credits for her chosen major. She got her parents to agree that Culinary School was definitely the better career choice for her and her future happiness. She made the switch to New England Culinary Institute in Burlington Vermont and never looked back. Studying culinary arts was where she finally found her calling. She also met the man who would become the love of her life there. James Clark who was also pursuing a dream of cooking for a living, became a constant in her life. Together they set off to find their spot in the sun. They moved all over the country working at some of the best restaurants in Atlanta, Charleston, Washington DC and Colorado and finally settling in Chapel Hill. Chef Marcey took a turn into pastries early in her career to make sure that her 2 daughters Madison 15 and Paige 9 had time with their parents.

"Chefs work crazy hours and two of us in the same household would have been insane amounts of time away from my girls so I made the decision to work mornings and my husband worked nights. Someone would be available for them all the time. Plus I found out I was a pretty good baker and I had a knack for decorating cakes" 

The Family settled here in 2012 and Marcey took a position as the Pastry Chef of Elements in Chapel Hill. A couple years into it she left the restaurant to pursue a career working from home. She now is certified in advanced nutrition and as a personal trainer but still loves to cook and teach people the art of clean eating and show them easy ways to get healthy and eat well at the same time.

"Cooking is in my blood and I needed to find a way to incorporate healthy options into my love of food. My solution was to balance clean eating and occasional treats. My passion has become teaching others to do the same!"