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North Indian Dinner  with Jaymie and Amit

Sunday May 21 @ 6 pm  

Join Amit and Jaymie Nagar for an evening of Northern Indian cuisine.   They will be creating a five course dinner, starting with a few street food experiences, a soup course to clear the palate, a main course (tandoori chicken with a charred eggplant side, perhaps?) and ending with Mango Lassi Ice Cream. Every course will be paired with a refreshing beer or wine that will complement the flavors of the dish.  

Amit grew up in New Delhi, India, but his family roots are in Rajasthan, in the western part of India.  His early love for cooking was set in motion by his mother, who was always willing to have her 8-year-old sous chef by her side. Watching street food vendors begin their day in the early hours of the morning while he waited for the school bus, he spent countless hours observing the food preparation that has now become his passion. Amit also had wonderful male cook role models in his extended family, including his uncle in the Indian Air Force, who taught him the finer points of chopping and cooking when Amit would visit him at the bases where he was stationed.  His maternal grandfather in Jaipur was the original “farm to table” shopper, knowing exactly where and what time of day to find the freshest prepared food and ingredients. Amit loves learning and experimenting with various cuisines, but his first love is cooking and sharing the rich flavors of his native cuisine. Jaymie is a great chef in her own right  - she'll bring her sparkling personality, charm and vibrancy to kitchen and keeping things running smoothly and efficiently.  

Kids Classes

Our monthly kids cooking classes are for young chefs, ages 8-12, and teen chefs, age 13+. We provide an environment that encourages discovery and creativity in the kitchen. Each class is a new experience with seasonal themes that help develop your child's culinary skills.

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North Indian Pop Up Dinner Sunday May 21 6-9 pm

Learn about North Indian cuisine while enjoying street food, tandoor chicken and mango lassi ice cream with Jaymie and Amit Nagar.

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