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Salt, Smoke & Time - Beginning Charcuterie Workshop


Date: Saturday, May 19, 2018
Time: 10am - 4pm 

What We Will Be Doing:  We will talk about meat quality, meat and fat ratios, recipes, spices, food safety, tools and equipment needed.  We will make 3-4 different varieties of charcuterie.  We will also have a raffle for a very cool prize open to everyone who attends! A sit down lunch of Heritage roasted pork and sides will be provided.

Hands On Butchery:  $235  Eight people maximum. You will do some cutting of cuts from the primals of a Heritage breed pig.  You will actually make the charcuterie items. You will take home at least 10 lbs of charcuterie and pork as well as skin/fat/bones.

Audit Only Ticket:  $45  Watch and take notes.  Our table has a mirror over it and you will be able to sit or stand to watch and listen. We will send you home with a pound of one of the sausages that we make in class.

These workshops are being hosted by Stacy Martin of Yellow Wolf Farm ( and will take place at Midway Community Kitchen. Please direct any questions to Stacy at

Our innovative events and unforgettable classes cover a broad range of topics full of culture, flavor, and fun. Learn to make delicious recipes for your next dinner party from one of our skilled chefs, and take your everyday cooking to a new level. You will master essential cooking techniques and be energized by new food experiences.

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