Interested in teaching a class, organizing an event, or hosting a Pop-Up dinner?

Midway Community Kitchen offers experienced instructors a way to reach a larger audience, get involved in the local community, and share their skills. We partner with educators around the Triangle, and beyond, to create compelling events which inspire students and encourage a deeper understanding of food and nutrition.

Types of Classes and Events

  • Hands On Classes: We are looking for engaging teachers and chefs who want to create interactive classes which give students real skills which they can use at home. Class are typically 2 to 2 ½ hours, which includes eating time.

  • Demonstration Classes: Typically larger than a hands-on class, demo classes have little to no participation by the students. These classes are 2 to 2 ½ hours with 3 to 5 recipes, and include a small meal. Some examples of demo classes we have hosted include fermenting, canning, preserving, and butchery.

  • Kids Classes: 2 to 2 ½ hours, participation classes, usually one subject and one or two dishes, depending on the age of students.

  • Class Series: Three or more classes per series. Featuring subjects that require more than one class and with classes building upon knowledge and information covered in previous class.

  • Speakers / Trending Food Issues: Nutritional Healing, Growing Your Food Business, Eating Local Foods, Nutrition for Pregnant and Nursing Moms, Childhood Obesity, Food Deserts, documentary showings and discussions (Q&A with filmmakers and local activists), book signings and presentations,…lots of things to talk about.

  • Serve Safe Course: ServSafe food and beverage safety training instruction offered for local restaurants and food service institutions (schools, retirement/senior homes, etc.)

  • One Hour Lunch or Demo Classes: Short demo classes featuring one nutritious dish and usually one other simple dish. Recipes are provided.

  • Team Building: MCK will pair an instructor with an interested business or organization to create team-building exercises that include food preparation and cooking.

  • Pop Up Dinners: Rent the kitchen and dining area for a night – or several nights! Try out new recipes, generate buzz and have fun in a unique downtown space. Please ask for more information if you’d like to host a pop up event.

  • Private Events: MCK hosts private events such as birthday parties and bridal showers and is often in need of instructors and/or chefs for these gatherings. Please let us know if you’re interested in working this kind of event.

We are always looking for talented people with a love of food who want to share their knowledge with our amazing community. If you are interested in becoming an instructor, teaching a class, or hosting an event, please send us a bio and a description of the event to get started.

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