Master Chef 2.0: August 19-23 (ages 8-14)


Master Chef 2.0: August 19-23 (ages 8-14)


Does your kid love cooking competitions? Join us for this 5-day cooking camp and we’ll help your budding young cook become a junior Master Chef! Whether your little chef is a beginner or a pro, they will love learning how to make classic culinary dishes, all from scratch. This camp is Master Chef 2.0, which will have brand new recipes building off the first Master Chef week on July 22-26.

  • August 19-23, 2018

  • 9am-4pm

  • $400

  • Ages 8-14

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All camps are limited to 12 children.

Allergies / Diet Considerations:

All recipes are vegetarian and dairy free; most are also vegan and nut free. Some are gluten free as well. If you are interested in a camp session, but your child has a food allergy or sensitivity, all the recipes are flexible enough where we could amend them to be accessible.

Camp Pricing: 

$400 for the full day (9am-4pm).