Science Chef: July 8-12 (ages 8-14)


Science Chef: July 8-12 (ages 8-14)


Does your kid love science AND cooking? Join us for this 5-day cooking camp and we’ll teach your budding chef the chemistry behind good cooking. Whether your little chef is a beginner or an old pro, they will love learning how to make classic culinary dishes, all from scratch.

  • July 8-12, 2018

  • 9am-4pm

  • $400

  • Ages 8-14

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All camps are limited to 12 children.

Allergies / Diet Considerations:

All recipes are vegetarian and dairy free; most are also vegan and nut free. Some are gluten free as well. If you are interested in a camp session, but your child has a food allergy or sensitivity, all the recipes are flexible enough where we could amend them to be accessible.

Camp Pricing: 

$400 for the full day (9am-4pm).