A Taste of the Middle East, Australia, and Oceania (ages 11-14) June 26-30


A Taste of the Middle East, Australia, and Oceania (ages 11-14) June 26-30

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Looking to inspire your kid’s culinary creativity? Join us for this 5-day cooking camp and we’ll teach your budding young chef how to cook some delicious international classics. Whether your little chef is a beginner or an old pro, they will love learning how to make flavorful favorites, all from scratch.

  • June 26 - 30, 2017
  • Morning (9 am - Noon) and/or Afternoon (1 pm - 4 pm)
  • Optional Early Drop Off / Late Pick-Up
  • starting at $200
  • Ages 11-14

During each session, our experienced instructor, Kelly Knapp, will walk your little chef through a different country and the cuisine they offer. This is our schedule for the trip through Middle Eastern, Austrailian, and Oceanian cuisine: 

  • Morning Session (9:00am - 12:00pm)

    • Iran, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Australia, Papua New Guinea and Samoa

  • Afternoon Session (1:00pm - 4:00pm)

    • Palestine and Israel, Afghanistan, Syria, New Zealand, Hawaii

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Allergies / Diet Considerations:

All recipes are vegetarian and dairy free; most are also vegan and nut free. Some are gluten free as well. If you are interested in a camp session, but your child has a food allergy or sensitivity, all the recipes are flexible enough where we could amend them to be accessible.

Camp Pricing: 

$200 for half day 5-day camps.  $375 for both morning and afternoon options.

(Optional) Additional before and after camp hours:  

Early drop off beginning at 8 am and/or late pick up by 5 pm. $30 for morning care, and $30 for afternoon care for full week camps. 

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Kelly Knapp, Youth Programs Manager

Kelly Knapp is the Youth Programs Manager at Midway Community Kitchen. She has served in nonprofit education and child advocacy work for 10 years, ultimately gaining experience in program design and facilitation, outreach coordination, and nonprofit administration. Kelly has been in the Triangle area since 2008 and loves connecting with others in the community through food and flavor.

Kelly has a strong background in early education and child culinary instruction. Her goal as a youth educator is to engage young folks in a multi-sensory approach to learning. Children and young adults are expert in their own physicality, and Kelly enjoys sharing her excitement for sights, sounds, textures, scents and flavor with people who are so intensely present with their experience of the world. She strives to help kids develop a more nuanced understanding of food preparation while maintaining a sense of play and wonder when cooking, baking and eating delicious things.