Commissary Kitchen & Food Incubator 

Are you an entrepreneur looking for a way to enter the food service industry, an established restaurant in need of a larger kitchen, or a catering company looking for extra space to prepare for a special event? Whatever your cooking needs, at Midway we want to provide the space and equipment to help you with your culinary venture.

Why choose Midway Community Kitchen?

  • Increase the capacity of events you can handle

  • Increase the number of customers you can serve

  • Guarantee that your food is produced in a safe, sanitary location.

  • Access to the space, equipment, and supplies you need to succeed.

At Midway we want to help your catering, food truck, or food service business grow. Whatever your aspirations, our state of the art kitchen is here to meet your needs.

When you rent our space, you gain access to:

  • top-of-the-line equipment

  • an easy to use kitchen with an efficient layout.

  • plenty of space for preparing different types of food

  • available storage space if needed (dry storage, refrigeration, and freezer shelves)

Here are the steps to start renting at Midway Kitchen:

  1. Review our Food Retail Requirements page. 

  2. Fill out our rental application and tell us a bit more about your business.

  3. Select your preferred date below to register for a potential renter kitchen tour. These monthly in-person kitchen tours are $15 to register, which will be credited toward your annual rental fee upon signing up. Please select your preferred tour date below to register. All tours begin at 6pm: