Seval Deniz has been baking and cooking for loved ones for decades and she specializes in artisan breads such as robust country loaves, crusty sourdough, and (available by pre-order) speciality loaves filled with nuts, fruits, olives, and herbs. Seval comes from a large family with a very vibrant Mediterranean and Middle Eastern cuisine tradition. Her mom's passion for "feeding" people, turned our house in a gathering place throughout our lives – as as a mother of an eleven year old boy, Seval loves introducing kids to gardening, reducing food waste, and to different kinds of foods. Seval believes that the cornerstones of life are built around tables, and she hopes to extend her reach and touch as many lives as possible. You can purchase Seval’s freshly baked breads every Wednesday and Friday from 8am - 10am at Midway Kitchen. Be sure to visit Seval's website ( for more information and a full list of breads, spreads, and dips that are available. You can also keep in touch on instagram and facebook!



HotSugarPop is a family owned business in North Carolina. The popcorn is popped and packaged at Midway Kitchen and is sold online, at local seasonal farmers’ markets, and athletic events. The owners love to experiment with different flavors that you wouldn’t normally expect out of popcorn, like Cookies & Creme, Sweet Heat, and Unicorn! The popcorn also comes in traditional favorite flavors like savory White Cheddar and sweet Kettle Corn. The owners began popping popcorn after discovering that was one of the few snacks their young son was not allergic to! Then flavors were added, family and friends became interested and made requests for birthdays and holidays, word spread, and the business was born. Check out their website, facebook, and instagram!



A 1976 Airstream Food Trailer serving up locally sourced and hand-stuffed franks thanks to The Pig restaurant. Always fresh and beautiful ingredients dressed a-top The Pig pork franks in a perfectly toasted potato bun. Self-made & Carrboro raised. Animal Welfare Approved. Find out about upcoming events on their website, facebook, or instagram!



The Sonder Market is a group of students who are striving to open a sustainable, local, and student run grocery to the campus of UNC. While surrounded by wonderful restaurants, and even Weaver St. Market 2 miles away, the campus of UNC remains a food desert, with no real options for food. Folks at Sonder are busy making connections, scoping out spaces, entering competitions, and drafting a business plan. Learn more by visiting their website.