The Secrets of Bone Broth: Saturday, February 16th @ 3pm


The Secrets of Bone Broth: Saturday, February 16th @ 3pm


Learn the secrets of bone broth and the benefits of eating a real foods diet with Andrea Sapienza, Registered Nurse, Duke Integrative Medicine Trained Health Coach and Whole30 Certified Coach. This informative event will include:

  • The benefits & “how to” of bone broths

  • Bone broth demonstration

  • Each student will take home two samples – 1 pint/each of beef & chicken broth

  • An intimate discussion of a Real Foods Diet (what it is for you & how to do it)

The first hour will be a demonstration & discussion of bone broth. Andrea will show you how to make incredibly rich & nourishing bone broths while maximizing your food budget and honoring the responsible use of all the nourishment available in food. The second hour will be a discussion/presentation about the real, whole foods Andrea eats and how how to develop a healthy mindset that will help deliver you from an emotional dependence on food. Andrea will also offer bone broth kits for sale during the class.  

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Bone Broth with Andrea Sapienza

Saturday, February 16th @ 3-5pm